Twice in July? Oh My.

It's nigh time to make thank you cards- or in this case, "merci" cards to
send to all of Luke's wonderful relatives. What kind people they all were.
I don't know what made me go tropical when we went to the mountains
of France, but there you have it. I rather like the one with the sunglasses-
it has mountains at least! I promised also to show my France flea market
tiny treasures as well, I know, but that will be yet another post.


We're just back from vacationing in France for two weeks.
Here you see us in our room taking pictures of each other with the Paris skyline in the background. Our first room stank of moldy paint and had an airshaft as a window. No no, this would not do. Our second room was much better! We stayed only the weekend in Paris but it was jam packed with sights and sounds. Our favorite hang out place was Cafe Hugo on the Place des Vosges right near our hotel in the Marais district. And be still my heart, there was a bead store a mere 2 blocks from our hotel!
Here is a picture of the stash. I didn't go too crazy. From Paris we took the TGV to the Vosges Mountains where Luke was born.
More pics and my flea market stash to follow!