Merci and Thanks

Made some thank you cards
for relatives on the other
side of the pond. The hut and palm are Claudia Rose stamps. Umbrella by A Muse. Glasses by Inkadinkado.

Twice in July? Oh My.

It's nigh time to make thank you cards- or in this case, "merci" cards to
send to all of Luke's wonderful relatives. What kind people they all were.
I don't know what made me go tropical when we went to the mountains
of France, but there you have it. I rather like the one with the sunglasses-
it has mountains at least! I promised also to show my France flea market
tiny treasures as well, I know, but that will be yet another post.


We're just back from vacationing in France for two weeks.
Here you see us in our room taking pictures of each other with the Paris skyline in the background. Our first room stank of moldy paint and had an airshaft as a window. No no, this would not do. Our second room was much better! We stayed only the weekend in Paris but it was jam packed with sights and sounds. Our favorite hang out place was Cafe Hugo on the Place des Vosges right near our hotel in the Marais district. And be still my heart, there was a bead store a mere 2 blocks from our hotel!
Here is a picture of the stash. I didn't go too crazy. From Paris we took the TGV to the Vosges Mountains where Luke was born.
More pics and my flea market stash to follow!

June and Bliss!

Oh what a blissful weekend- on so many fronts!
Friday was my last day of classes- buh-bye guys
see you next year!
It was also sign-up time for ARTBLISS- an East Coast
Art Retreat that will be happening this fall in
the Wash. DC area. And yes, I am one of the goonies
who stayed up until midnight in order to be one of the
first to sign up! As a result,I am enrolled for the
Melissa Manley Hard Candy class- yum- I SO want
to learn how to enamel and make my own beads.
And then... wait for it....wait for it... a class with
Deryn Mentock- double woo double hoo!
Icing on the cake is my hubbie accompanying me
to DC- so we get to play in the evenings!
I've also been busy making end-of-school-year
thank you gifts. This year, I decided to keep it
simple and make sets of Thank You Cards
boxed in clear plastic boxes. I had so much
fun playing with the mannequin. I've used her
a gazillion times before in cards but I never
tire of what you can do with her. This time around,
I made some patterned paper and dressed her
up with some rick-rack, brads and ribbon.

ArtBLISS Workshops Inaugural Event ArtBliss- An East Coast Event! Woohoo!


Wow- It's been almost a month now since I've posted! Yikes! Good thing no one reads this! heh heh.
Inspiration is a funny thing. I've been stamping cards now for about 30 years. I still have some of my original stamp stash too believe it or not. Well, I decided to stop by Barnes and Nobles today to pick up a Cloth, Paper, Scissors, for no particular reason other than perhaps channel Forrest Gump. I was intrigued as well by the latest issue of Take Ten, which is a Stampington Publication of the rubber stamped ilk. I used to purchase magazines a lot more frequently but HELLO! has anyone noticed the price creep lately? Buy a few magazines and its tantamount to a second mortgage! But I digress...
So I select these two magazines and come home, make a nice cozy fire- yes in May- it's freezing on Long Island still! and begin a joyous romp through their pages. Mid-romp-I spy on page 46 a filmstrip stamp. I say to myself that I've not used that same stamp in about a gazillion years. It became the inspiration for my husband's birthday card. I used it along with the flying superhero by Teesha Moore and a Hot Potatoes Circle background stamp. I ran right upstairs and made it while my husband was out at the movies watching appropriately enough, Ironman 2 (speaking of superheroes). Yep, inspiration is a funny thing. Bam out of nowhere- it bit me.

OMG! It's been so long- this is why I didn't want to start a blog- I KNEW I wouldn't be faithful to it! What do I have to blog about? Well, I'll start with my husband getting the
"Going the Extra Mile" award at the Veteran's Administration. He's such a good guy!
I took the camera outside and decided to photograph the crocus in full bloom. I love this time of year! I finished taking my "Art for Academics" art class and my chickie was the final project. I liked the way he turned out! Finally, I made a wedding good luck card for Katie, my "spin" class teacher. There, that sums up 2 months in a few sentences, doesn't it? I should be tweeting I'm so succinct!