More Valentine's

I decided to redo my Charmster's Valentine's Day Charm Swap Necklace.
There were 50 charms originally. I decided that it looked too Carnivale.
So I edited the charms, shortened the necklace and added a ribbon tie.

V day redeux

Here are some more V. day cards.

2010 Valentine Cards

With the help of some new online friends, I've attempted once again to photograph my work. For those who may already know, I am terrible at this! I don't know why. I rather like to blame the camera, but that's cowardly, I know. So take a gander at some of the 2010 Valentine cards I've made.

To Blog or not?

Welcome to my first blog. I hope I will be kind to this blog site and regularly feed and water it.
This is not a guarantee - only a stated hope! I'm good with plants - is this a harbinger of success?
I also hope to post my latest cards and creations here as well. The question is, if I blog, will others read? I do not have the faintest clue. We shall see what we shall see...