Wow- It's been almost a month now since I've posted! Yikes! Good thing no one reads this! heh heh.
Inspiration is a funny thing. I've been stamping cards now for about 30 years. I still have some of my original stamp stash too believe it or not. Well, I decided to stop by Barnes and Nobles today to pick up a Cloth, Paper, Scissors, for no particular reason other than perhaps channel Forrest Gump. I was intrigued as well by the latest issue of Take Ten, which is a Stampington Publication of the rubber stamped ilk. I used to purchase magazines a lot more frequently but HELLO! has anyone noticed the price creep lately? Buy a few magazines and its tantamount to a second mortgage! But I digress...
So I select these two magazines and come home, make a nice cozy fire- yes in May- it's freezing on Long Island still! and begin a joyous romp through their pages. Mid-romp-I spy on page 46 a filmstrip stamp. I say to myself that I've not used that same stamp in about a gazillion years. It became the inspiration for my husband's birthday card. I used it along with the flying superhero by Teesha Moore and a Hot Potatoes Circle background stamp. I ran right upstairs and made it while my husband was out at the movies watching appropriately enough, Ironman 2 (speaking of superheroes). Yep, inspiration is a funny thing. Bam out of nowhere- it bit me.

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  1. Think there's no one listening, do ya? Well, think again! Nice to see a post from you - and you get bonus points in my book for using the word "tantamount". Awesome.