To Blog or not?

Welcome to my first blog. I hope I will be kind to this blog site and regularly feed and water it.
This is not a guarantee - only a stated hope! I'm good with plants - is this a harbinger of success?
I also hope to post my latest cards and creations here as well. The question is, if I blog, will others read? I do not have the faintest clue. We shall see what we shall see...


  1. I say yes, yes! please blog! I'm having fun with mine, although I'm just coming off a two-month try spell for posting. But three new posts in the last week are pretty good! Have fun with this!

  2. Maureen, I'm so happy to see you're finally BLOGGING! I always knew you'd be a great blogger...congrats on joining this brand new world. And YES, I do think you'll have plenty of are always up to something fun and creative, and we want to follow along!

  3. Welcome!!! You'll have fun...and I can't wait to see your crafty goodness!