Remember when these lunchbox handbags were all the rage? I was in high school then and I had a collaged lunchbox pocketbook empire. We called them "decopaged" back in the day. I sold them like hotcakes. I was always crafting. Although I didn't know it was called that. I just made stuff. Often. Always. I wish I had kept one but I am not a big saver of memorabilia. My husband is outraged that I did not save my high school yearbook. I'm lucky I have my current driver's license.


  1. You didn't save your yearbook??! Wow, my husband would LOVE it if I wasn't such a packrat. I am the exact opposite! I was recently looking through my ballet program from when I was SEVEN. :-)

  2. My mom tossed much of my stuff....and I've lost most of the rest of it - I have no idea what ever happened to my HS yearbooks, and SO wish I had them!