Snow Day (again!)

We woke up to another Long Island winter wonderland. In case you didn't know this already, we Long Islanders are big baby fraidy cats. We shriek at the first flake. We roll up the sidewalk and lock the doors. Then we come out and shovel that sidewalk. This morning, I shoveled a lovely 14 inches off of our driveway and my husband did all of our walks. Having felt the flush of exercise, I came in to rubber stamp Easter cards. To follow are some of my efforts. There once was a great company called Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. She had to close her operations due to health issues. Before she did, she held a blow-out sale of her rubber stamps. RBBB specialized in vintage images and the two I used this year I've not used in a while. The girl is holding a basket of chicks and the lid lifts to reveal them. The bunny holding the baby bunny doesn't do anything, except look cute as all heck, I think.

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  1. Hi Maureen
    I did hear about all the snow you NYers have up there! What a great way to spend the day...and just like you, ahead of the game with your cards. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers - what a cool sounding shop....too bad they closed. Those vintage stamps are really cool...and your cards are wonderful.