This was my Valentine's gift! I was so shocked. I mentioned in passing to my husband that I discovered a bead shop on Long Island that I wanted to go check out. (The island, as big as it is, has paltry resources for cool crafting stuff outside of the big box stores). Lo and behold I get this very cool tool, which I have NO idea how to use and a gift certificate from the store. How adorable is my husband? I was so touched! Well, I think I'll go read up on this tool and find out how to use the darn thing! Any suggestions and how to's would be most appreciated. Happy Valentine's Day to all of my cyberfriends!


  1. I use it to make jumprings, but it also can be used to bend little pieces of sheet metal. I love mine, but I need to get a better one when I have the money! Great gift!

  2. Glad to see you had a nice Valentine's Day! I think your new tool would be great to make earwires with!