Oh Yay for Free Time!

As I had mentioned, I had an unexpected snow day on Friday. As I didn't believe we'd be off, I didn't take home my usual work. Oh what to do, what to do with no schoolwork to do or papers to grade on a 3 day weekend? Hmmm. I bit the bullet and made charm bracelet inventory instead. What a sacrifice, I know, I know. I store them in these nifty little egg cartons, which stack nicely. I now have 2.5 of these babies full of bracelets. Some of the charms are from members of a group I used to be in called the Charmsters. Others are reconstructed and deconstructed thrift shop and estate sale finds. The bracelet bases- the links- are all vintage necklaces that have been repurposed. I tried to photograph some of these individually, but as per usual, the photos came out blurry. Grrr- I must gain expertise in this area!


  1. I love the egg carton idea! I remember snow days-I grew up in Ohio. But now I don't get such great excuses to craft. Hmmm. Snow or crafting? Decisions, decisions.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

  2. Hi Maureen
    You are getting that show inventory ready to go! I'd love to see close-ups of your individual charm bracelets...I just know they are all so beautiful.